TOKEN STARTĀ is the pioneer company inĀ providing supported service, launching and conduct ICO for businesses.

Token Start will support you bring your ideas to reality, build the technology platform, marketing, and project development. Our packages include:

- Perfecting the idea
+ Support ideas for your project based on our experience in the real market
- Building the technology platform
+ Design Website ICO
+ Write Whitepaper
+ Build the Smart Contract platform
+ Build Exchange
+ Master node / Staking
- Marketing for the project
- Project development
+ Trading
+ Advisor

Token Start services only accept Bitcoin payments (BTC). The value of the service pack is fixed and is converted to the corresponding Bitcoin value at the time of transaction

Smart Contract is a technology platform that allows both parties keep their identity in private, but they can still deal with each other on the Internet without having to rely on a third party. The terms of the Smart Contract are made automatically, without external interference so that the execution is accurate and fair. It is equivalent to a legal contract.

Smart Contract is the core technology of most of the current ICO projects, built by Ethereum. ICO projects using Smart Contract can apply the features in real trading, exchange with each other by BTC / ETH. Smart Contract features:
- High security: You cannot modify, add or delete information on transactions
- Fast, simple: Transactions made in minutes and no need the third party

Token Start will assist you in developing and deploying token price development plans in the short and long-term to optimize your profits and build a sustainable development path for the project

Masternode is a form of cryptocurrency that is used to dig up the coin. The first cryptocurrency use this platform is Dash (top five cryptos in the world). When using Masternode, you need to have a certain amount of coins to dig up more coins, which is considered as an operating fee and anyone can use Masternode to dig up the coin.

Staking is the form of investing and getting the interest by that coin. When a coin allows Staking, investors will get double the interest when investing in coin because they do not only receive monthly interest by the coin when the price increases, the value of their assets also increased after that.

Masternode / Staking is considered a new trend in the cryptocurrency market.
- Staking is considered a form of investment to receive dividends, investors will receive interest by the same coin they invest and can sell the coin at any time they want without worrying about getting stuck in capital or risk of Liquidity. This method limits the risk to investors. This is an attraction for your project than other projects.
- Masternode is a new form of digging up the coins that creates scarcity for coin, and it is also a form of encouraging investors to store coin. The performance of masternode mines is not as high as Bitcoin or other Proof of Work (POW) currencies, but Masternode has the following advantages:
Investors who own coin from Masternode will be compensated financially for their services.
+ Anyone can join Masternode.
+ Masternode brings long-term and sustainable earnings no matter how the market fluctuates

Once the ICO stage finished, investors have the token can trade on the internal exchange. At the same time, the exchange also helps new investors to own tokens if they did not buy in the ICO time.

Referral or bonus links are programs that assist investors when they share an ICO project with the community. When there is a new ICO participant through the referral link of the introducer, they will receive a corresponding reward.

There are some steps:
- Contact us here
- Product summary, the idea of the token
- Sign contract
- Pay for services you have signed